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Re: Hippocampus Erectus Input

Originally Posted by Ningal View Post
What kind of overflow do you use?

I still wanna get a breeding pair of erectus with cirri (like this one: but I do like the idea of a pipefish.

I'd considered the banded and dragonface as well,

CPR CS50 DX Overflow with Aqua Lifter Pump and Lid 300 GPH | eBay
This would be a good overflow with the tom aqua lifter pump(very important{and cheap}).
The dragon pipe really only crawls around the tank and is basically the largest pipe available.
The banded are more common and ok,but my bluestripe were active enough to earn their keep!
CPR CS90 Continous Overflow Box with Aqualifter Pump | eBayThis is a good deal on a used overflow!
For some reason niether of the overflows I linked are highlighted ,but if you click on them they are actual links!

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