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Hippocampus Erectus Input

I'm gonna be turning my 30 gallon cube into an Erectus tank over the next few months. It's been cycled for over 6 months now and I'm not going to add the horses anytime soon since I have to move soon, but I've not kept seahorses before, though I have kept pretty much everything else, so I'm somewhat familiar with the basics, and I've been doing plenty of research, but I did have a few questions just based on experience anyone else may have had

Right now this cube has a rio 800 at 211 gph and I was wondering if that flow level would work. I was also wanting to use a reef octopus BH100 HOB skimmer, which I think would fairly well prevent any bubbles coming into the tank (I want to be careful to avoid gas bubble disease, but I wanted to see if anyone had any good or bad experiences with it.

Any input at all would be appreciated.
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