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Re: Peacock chichlids / stocking

I have a 75 with peacocks. Cichlids can be tricky. Peacocks are nice because they are some of the prettiest and for the most part more mild mannered. Dithers are always a good idea in any kind of cichlid tank. Something smaller but fast! It gives them something to chase if they get upset. Plus they bring something else to the tank. I have rosy barbs in mine.

As far as adding other types of cichlids to the tank, you can do it. Obviously water perams have to be the same, but temperments have to be close. Overstocking with cichlids is also a must! This helps keep aggression down because no one can establish territory. Now you still need to give hiding places and all that, but more fish. This also means a larger and more strick water change schedule.

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