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Peacock chichlids / stocking

I have a 90 gallon aquarium I'm taking care of at work, I'm thinking of doing a chichlid tank but have no experience with them and I have a few questions.

First here is my setup 90 gallon standard rectangular tank, a filstar xp3 and an emporer 400, a 18 watt turbotwist uv lamp, two powerheads that alternate, all black pea size aquarium gravel. I also have fluorescent and led lighting on a timer. The aquarium is fully cycled and ready for fish.

I am currently considering adding a diatom filter for occasional cleaning and getting that crystal clear look.

Here are my questions:
1.which would be better under gravel filter with pea size aquarium rock or no under gravel filter and a combo of pea size gravel and zack black Eco complete chichlid sand. (I only want black and will not consider any play sand or sandblasting sand) my thoughts about the under gravel filter is that it would help protect the bottom of my tank when I add larger rocks.

2. So far I like the looks of the yellow, blue and red peacocks I also like yellow labs. What stocking options would there be with these. Can you do an all peacock tank or is that not a good idea.

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