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Re: Yay new babies fry!!!

Thank you for the information - I have a similar Nursery, unfortunately, my mama guppy didn't make it. She sat on the bottom of the tank before I put her in the nursery, so she might have been a little stressed - I thought putting her in the Nursery would give her some relieve from being hounded by the males - My Nursery was in the main tank - and a few guys got caught in the filter part of the Nursery, one didn't make it.

This time I'm going put the nursery in my hospital tank. I keep my surviving frys in this tank. I'm a little worried about putting my prize female guppy in the Nursery. I do not want anything to happen to her. After the deaths, I was just going to let the frys be born in the main tank, and then remove them.

Have you seen this happen in your nursery - fish getting stuck in the filter compartment?

Another question - how long after the female guppy squares will the frys be born?
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