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Re: Private Message Spamming - Please Read

Not this guy again. There is no glory in running, owning, or moderating a fish forum. It's more a badge of courage than a gold star on your forehead should you choose to get a forum active & keep it that way. Once you get past being a member on a forum it's a lot less fish & a lot more people skills, as well as dealing with people issues. I've run a few, some busy, some slower, the question always asked when considering a member for a mod position; why do we want to take this perfectly happy, active, and knowledgeable member, and saddle them with all the crap that comes with being a mod?

Being an owner and/or admin is even worse, if you don't have some serious people skills, computer skills, along with in depth knowledge of the topic material you're screwed. You need to be resource heavy in these things, online as well as off.

There's some pieces missing for this ever returning member, and honestly he isn't a threat to this site due to that. Pretty sad really, if he worked on those skills rather than trying to scam members from active sites he wouldn't need to scam members from active sites.
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