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Re: MarineLand HOT Magnum 250

I found standard swishing ineffective.Possibly soaking in bleach would revive it but it is so "tight" that it catches EVERYTHING.It really is a great mechanical filter,but replacement cost and my attempts to clean it never worked out.This was before I knew I could bleach stuff(long time ago),so it is hard to say.But they do work great!I have 3 magnums 350's that I don't use anymore.Sometimes I use one for carbon,when doing things like adding new plumbing that may have residual PVC glue or whatnot,but in general with most of my tanks on sumps and having 1 &5 micron cut to fit pads I have no use for them.I'm not one of the "canister crew" as I feel they are a real pain to maintain regulary.But the cartridge is super good at polishing!

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