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Re: Help ID

So I removed what I saw yesterday,only to find 2-3 more this a.m.Out they went!Came home to find 1 or 2 more? I don't really see any more(I didn't last night either),but have to wonder?I'm fairly confident they eat the GSP as they seem to stay right on top of it,but wonder if others are "hiding" in other places?I'll repeat when I touched them(with tweezers) they opened up more instead of recinding.I haven't seen one be able to retract it's"polyp" appearing parts as they were are very fragile and break even when picked up with tweezer and blow apart in the stream of the tunze.
I wonder if I'll see anymore tomorrow?Between th ich and this(along with the history) this tank is making me work for a free deal!

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