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Re: should i do anything or...

IMO, there's nothing dire about this situation. All I see is an opportunity to get an already thriving mushroom colony moved upon some live rock...worm and all. The mushrooms are looking fabulous...the hard part is over...don't mess with what's working. The worm is cool with it for now. They live amongst corals on purpose. Their tubes are renewable. If the colony starts to impede on the worms ability to extend it's crown than by all means intervene. Otherwise, don't. Just my opinion.

If you decide to remove the mushrooms anyway, be certain you have the items needed to glue/attach them to a piece of live rock. I once made the mistake of attempting to place similar loose mushrooms securely into the crevices of live rock where they repeatedly worked their way out, blew around, and eventually got lost amongst the sand or power heads. Now when I frag a mushroom, I always glue it to a dry rock. I use that purple putty glue that's sold in a cylinder-like tube on eBay...can't think of the name of it. I attach the mushroom to the rock outside of the tank. Thus far, the mushrooms have tolerated the air/stress just fine. I've fragged many different types of colonized mushrooms and have had great success.

FYI: Don't attempt to remove the mushroom from the duster with the duster outside of the tank. They'll get air caught in their tubes. Also, if/when you place the worm on your rockwork, don't scrunch the bottom of his tube into a crevice (as I've sometimes done). I've learned that feather dusters take water in from the back, and move it up to and out of the front.

You could also compromise and wait to remove whatever mushrooms grow upon the tube until AFTER the colony is partially established on some live rock.
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