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Re: Price range of making a nano reef.

Originally Posted by Reefing Madness View Post
Coral can and do adapt to a change in light intensity and Spectrum. We like to use the term “Able To Use” when referring to the grow spectrum. This is between 400-500nm. Based on intensity, spectrum and cost, we have found the Cree XT-E Royal Blue the best grow light for the money. At 450nm this straddles the center of the greatest photosynthetic efficiency range. This opinion based on our practicable experience growing Corals. We will address this throughout this article
LEDs For The Reef Tank - Reef LED Lights

Feature Article: Light in the Reef Aquaria — Advanced Aquarist | Aquarist Magazine and Blog

Here Goby I did your homework for you. What is the prevailaint opinion on LED Blue to White Ratio?

I have no choice but to go away as I'm needed in ER. I appreciate the articles you pasted though...sincerely. I'm here to share and learn, not bicker. I'll glance through what you sent over the next 48 hours when I'm trying to sleep between short shifts, but can't. I'd love nothing more than to learn that Jaybirds light will work for him.

I did skim through what you sent and while this is by no means by final verdict, it appears that this company has a 1blue to 1white ratio on their 10,000K lights...which is about what I have on mine too and I love it. I believe their bulbs are 3 watt Cree? As are mine. If my memory serves me, the light you recommended to Jaybird has a 18 single watt bulbs with a 5blue to 1white ratio...similar energy- either 10 or 12K white, I can't remember. That's an inappropriate ratio for standard reef keeping practice. I've never argued that the blue spectrum isn't needed or easily utilized by coral...but they need more than blue and I don't believe 3-single watt white LEDS can cut it. 15-single watts of blue LED, as you've implied...definitely not. I think I have 240 watts over my tank...I can't remember for sure, not that that matters I guess. As of now, I still strongly believe Jaybird should have stuck with the 15 single watt full spectrum bulbs and 3 blue bulbs. And please understand that I discussed this topic with 2 LED experts yesterday and today, so I'm not making these claims lightly. I wouldn't do that considering Jaybirds age and situation and your passion on the topic. I'm honestly trying to help him and on a side note...when I shared my experience with Jaybird, about the EVO Quad Clip lights I have...I wasn't even aware that you had already recommended a LED light, which ironically, I learned is actually made by the same company or a sister company of the light you recommended. How crazy is that? I was just told that today but haven't confirmed it...just found it ironic. I also think that information put things into perspective for me...a little...sorta calming. With that, I glanced through the forum you pasted too and still, I don't see anything that would change my mind. I will try to find something I said, I appreciate the information. I learn something new every day and my mind is always open.

My hair is wet and I'm in a towel and I literally just my name over the loudspeaker a few minutes ago and I think my scrubs are dry. I gotta go. Have a nice weekend.

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