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Re: Price range of making a nano reef.

The light that came with your 10 is probly not good enough for salt.Tha's no biggy,just get replacement.(we'll find one). The ro/di is a good investment, but for the 10 you could easily buy distilled or ro from LFS and not need to invest so much.Live sand is good substrate (comes with bacteria in a packet!),or crushed coral.Pool filter sand is a no,no in salt.Where I live live rock is $8.99 a pound or $8 if you buy 10lbs.It's rock so the wieght adds up easy.Powerheads or hydors are easy to find on ebay and much cheaper over the net.
Here's a link for a refractometer,pretty cheap
RHS 10ATCC Black Salinity Refractometer Dual Scale PPT SG Replaces Hydrometer | eBay.
RM should chime in and if you haven't search his "what you might need for saltwater" sticky.
Always plenty of help here for new salt keepers(RM is the best!).

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