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Post Price range of making a nano reef.

Alrighty, I have never done anything saltwater related, but I think it would be very interesting. As soon as my 35g is done cycling I am putting the 10 gallon fish in the 35. So now I will have a empty 10 gallon and a 5.5 gallon. Which one should I use? The 10g has been around for a month and is cycled completely. The 5.5g is currently cycling and is not done. I am willing to get rid of all the progress I have made on one of those tanks. The big thing is will I have enough money to start and maintain these tanks. Right now I have a little more then $150. I get $50 every two weeks from cutting grass.

Time for what I need:
I know I probably will not need a protein skimmer or a filter. But right now both tanks have a top fin 10 HOB filter with carbon and a sponge. I know I will need a new hood so a versatop should work. I want corals, so I know I need a good light. The 10g has leds that came with the tank. I do not know if that is any good at all. So next should be a powerhead that is 200gph or 2 100gph for the 10g and a 100gph for the 5.5g. I have no clue what the Reverse Osmosis or RO/Deionization filter even is. Then I should need the salt and the Saltwater Hydrometer or Refractometer (which I heard are pricey). Now should be the live rock which should not be too bad as I only have 10g and 5.5g. So 10lbs or 6lbs should work. Next should be the substrate and I do not know what to use. I heard live sand is not really alive and does not put much bacteria in the water. So can pool filter sand work? Alright so what should be the cost of all of this? Any ideas?
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