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Re: Product idea needing input

Thanks for the replies everyone! Very good feedback!

To answer the questions: I've been a machinist since I was a teenager growing up in my grandpa's tool room and working as an apprentice (we made plastic injection molds and all manner of industrial equipment for our family pen company) and when the company sold and he passed away I took over the machine shop and have made a few specialty products for the R/C, boat, eyecare, and ski/wakeboard industries (limited to what I could do in my free time). Basically I invent in my free time which as some of you inventors out there know is a hit and miss thing and a great idea doesn't always translate to a great selling product; but I've learned some valuable lessons and I'm relatively young at 35 so there's hope for me yet! I only have two patents so far but I have plenty of room on the my wall. I love to hop things up so I'm always looking at products that I'm disappointed in and wondering how I would make them better. I have been using CAD/CAM for the past 6 or 7 years and try to make it to manufacturing trade shows every few years so as to know what kind of CNC's and other great technology is coming out. I pride myself on thinking outside the box and I'd say me weak areas are electrical engineering. However, I'm fortunate to have good connections to a couple great programmers and electrical engineers.

Nate - Thanks for the link! I think I saw those on the Drfosters in the new product section a week or two back. I like that it has temp probes - I was hoping that if an initial product worked well that I'd like to add some ports for peripheral equipment like level monitors, overflow alarms, temp probes etc but I figured first things first.
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