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Product idea needing input

I'm new to the forum and a novice turtle and koi keeper. I've had a very small pond for a couple years and bought an aquarium about 6 months ago so I could keep more koi and turtles.

I ended up with a nice setup but because I used a pair of 24" metal halide/T5 combo fixtures (4 cords each) I ended up with a ton of cords and a need for quite a few timers. I wanted to shut my fans off an hour or two after the metal halides shut off, the T5 UVB bulbs a couple hours after that, daylight T5's even later in the evening, night lights, etc. So I ended up using 3 different timed power strips to have just four timers and I still had to make a lot of tradeoffs (see picture of my "power center" in the gallery... once I upload it).

Long story short I'm not happy with power strips with just two timers max or the clutter of a ton of individual timers plugged into a standard power strip.
I happen to do product development and want to make a "wemo by belkin" style of power strip with all 8 to 12 outlets being independently controlled and programmed by smartphone. You could monitor your outlets remotely and over-ride a timer when it's time for water changes or had an emergency need to shut off or turn on an outlet.

The problem is that after I sell it to a petstore and they market up 100% it's a $150 to $200 power strip. Granted it would be the last power strip you have to buy and would replace a lot of smaller items that add up in price, but I'm curious if I'm alone in my displeasure with the options for powering and timing my aquarium equipment? If you're like me, what is it worth to you to solve those hassles?

Thanks for reading this long post and I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

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