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Re: What Algae Eater Is Right For You? Look Inside!

Originally Posted by apatel40 View Post
Hi there, does anybody have any ideas why my aquarium constantly grows algae. Here is my set up:

75 litre tank, marina S20 slim filter, sandstone rocks, black pebbles. marine blue and white glo light left on 15 hours a day, tank next to window, change 50% water every week. The tank still grows alot of green algae for some reason. any ideas people? many thanks
Wrong kind of lights, next to window so getting sunlight and leaving lights on for 15 hours a day.

Marine lights aren't good for fw. You need regular daylight bulbs in the area of 5000 to 6500k. Being that the tank also gets sunlight will cause algae outbreaks. Lights should only be on 8 to 10 hours max if you have plants. If you don't have live plants, just have the light on when your home viewing the tank.

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