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Re: What Algae Eater Is Right For You? Look Inside!

I have 3 Plecos in my 125g. One Sailfin that we call "Sir Poopsalot", a royal named Vlad. (its the red eyes) and a little wide mouth pleco named Loud Howard. Vlad has a ton of driftwood to rasp, Howard and Sir Poopsalot feed on what ever algae grows on the back glass, occasional zucchini, and wafers as a staple. I know that eventually I am going to have to get a larger tank for Poopers, but he's doing fine and is probably my favorite non chiclid in the tank.

I must say that I agree with not purchasing a fish for utilitarian use. It's sort of like having kids so you have someone to take out the trash....

...I built it in my sleep...I put a button on it, I wish to press it , but I don't know what will happen if I do....
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