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Re: Breeding bettas

Thought since I have hangers I would update this a little.Not the dragon pair,but some wilds who spawn the same way.

Once they begin wrapping,the male will place the eggs in the nest.After they finish spawning,the male will chase the female off,and he will tend the eggs himself,picking them up and moving them around.This keeps the from fungussing over.He will also eat any that are unfertilized,to keep the good ones from becoming fungussed.

Here you can see the male and the clutch of eggs.The male is clearly stressed,as he hates the camera,lol.The female is stressed too.The male is on the left,female on the right.

Better shot of the eggs.The bubbles help hold the eggs in place.If any start to fall the male will throw a few more bubbles up there.

A few days later the eggs will begin to hatch and this is when the father has little time to rest.The fry will hang vertically from the nest and continue to fall down,trying to swim about.The male must pick them back up.This is a never ending job for the entire time the hang from the nest,which is a day or o,depending on the temperature of the tank.

Fry hanging from the nest.Note the little tails!

Once they become free swimming,you can remove the male and let him rest.The fry will then need to be fed on live foods for the first four weeks or so,gradually introducing them to powdered,then pelleted.

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