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Re: Breeding bettas

Ok so day two,and the pair was introduced to the tank.

Ba-Ul exploring the tank

and the female in the breeder trap.She is clearly stressed from the confinement.
Some will leave the femaele in confinement for a day before release,which I suggest,but Ive done this before and so I know what to look for,lol.
What to look for,is vertical breeding bars(as mentioned above) from the female and the male to dance for her.There will be chasing and nipping,this is normal.You want the female to swim with her head pointed down.
Heres a few pics of the male,flared out for the female.

and the female,submissive.

So once he builds a nest I will show more pics.This can take up to two or three days.Be sure to keep an eye on them for excessive violence.You do not want a female that bosses the male around or is too eager.She can very easily rip him to shreds,as the short fins giver her the advantage of speed.Also look for lip locking and pummeling into the bottom or sides of the tank,or a female who bombards the nest.These are signs they will not spawn,and you should remove them ASAP.

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