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Re: Breeding bettas

As you can see its not quite half full.Also instead of the styrofoam cup,I am using a turtle dock.He may like it,and he may not,who knows.

Also note the live plants.This is for the health of the tank.Some use a sponge filter,but I dont always do this.However,you can if you want.If you do,have a control valve and keep it down to about one bubble per second or so,or you will disrupt the nest.
This time I will be placing the female in a floating livebearer trap.I sometimes just put her in,and sometimes I use a hurricane glass.

Tomorrow I will have the pair in the tank and will explain more to the process.
For note though,as I forgot it above.You will need live food of some sort for the fry to eat once they become freeswimming.Many use microworms,I use vinegar eels.From there I move onto the fresh BBS,then to the grindals,and start to wean them onto solid foods,at about two weeks,depending on growth.

Questions so far?

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