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Breeding bettas

Thought I would write a how to for spawning betta splendens for those curious about the process.

I must first inform you all,if you do decide to breed,take note they can have upwards of 100 fry.If you are lucky enough to have all 100 grow up,and even luckier to have them all male,then you are looking at 100 jars to hold the juvinile testosterone machines in.So make sure you discuss with a local pet shop,friends or whoever,to line up possible homes for the fish.Also take in account the money it takes to breed these fish.You must condition the pair,have live foods,and jars for the juviniles(more on the foods and conditioning in a minute)Flakes will not do for this project.

If you have decided to proceed,then read on.

Picking the pair.
So you will want to pick a pair for your project.The pair I will be spawning this time will be an unrelated pair,consisting of a red dragon halfmoon male and a blue halfmoon female.The goal for this(as you need a goal to breed,dont just fall headfirst in this stuff.)is to see the colors I get,and to improve the finnage on the males side.He is of shortfinned genes,which has his anal fin extremely long compared to his caudal.If I were to show him,he would get points taken from him because of this.So the female has nice even finnage.Both have a great topline.
Here is the pair:

Better pic of the female later.
Conditioning the pair.
You will want to set aside two weeks for this.This will let the female get full of eggs,and the male to get enough energy to raise the fry.Also it will help to let them get to know each other.You will need to feed them at the very least twice a day,of high quality foods(remember that money I was talking about?Here is where some of it will go.)I feed mine as a staple,atisons Pro.this is a high quality food.Another food fed is frozen bloodworms or live mosquito larvae.Daphnia and grindal worms are good too,as is fresh hatched BBS.
Two to three small meals a day for two weeks,with the pair beside each other.The female will get vertical bars(if shes a dark colored fish,light ones are very hard to tell.)and the male will dance and flare for her to impress her.
During this time you will need to set up a spawaning tank for the pair.
Tank setup
The norm is a ten gallon,filled with a few inches of water.You will not want gravel in here,as the eggs will fall down under them and the pair cant get to them.An adjustable heater is a plus as well.The temp will need to stay constant for them.86-90 is perfect.I prefer 86 myself,but some like it hotter.Live plants will give shelter to the fry and the female.Floating plants give the male a nest spot,as does a styro cup.This time though i am using something totally different!
Pics to follow in the next post of my new setup.

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