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new obsession

I just joined after reviving a large autolinking image tank in the high school where I teach. I just found a 150g in storage that was donated a year ago. I was thinking of a autolinking image now, but will have a lot of questions

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Re: new obsession


Cant help with autolinking image but theres plenty here who can.

"I've macrostoma tastes on a veiltail budget. "

If i drew it it'd look like a monkey eating a horsradish on the moon or something
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Re: new obsession

If the tank is to stay at the school, I would consider autolinking image first. I'm a teacher with a classroom tank, and I expect you would have the following considerations:
a) would you have weekend access to the school;
b) can you create a set-up that does not need electricity, for those lovely weekend storm blackouts;
c) the kids will help, but not as much as you hope. Do you have the time for a labour intensive salt tank;
d) are you getting a budget.

I run a 75 gallon with a homemade filter (transparent to show how it works to the techically minded kids). In it, I keep autolinking image Ameca splendens, a critically endangered Goodeid from Mexico. The species choice is to educate - it isn't an ugly fish but it's okay.
I have kids without much a sense of responsibility learning to take on regular fishtank tasks - that is gratifying when it works. The tank is an oasis for ADHD kids, who come in at recess and lunch and calm right down at the show.

There are a lot of babies born, so I have set up tanks at other schools. The kids monitor their progress - I have 30-50 students not in my classes who are regular visitors. Water attracts wildlife....

It's a fun and positive project, and I would hate to be without it. It's a pain when the stacks of marking are piling up and a water change is due though. That's with a low-tech freshwater tank full of very hardy fish. I'm not sure I would want to need to put a lot of time into the tank. I like the KISS principle for classroom aquaria.
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Re: new obsession

150g for a school - certainly not for the feint-hearted - especially autolinking image-water - and boy will it cost you!

Educationally, I reckon a tank that size would be spectacular as a Malawi tank.
A fair bit of work with lots of water changes but relatively simple.
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Re: new obsession

#1-Dry Rock, there are a few hitchhikers on Live Rock that people want to stay away from, so they opt for using Dry Rock, or Dead Rock. Macro Rock is a good place to start looking for that. Either way you go you will need a minimum of 1lb per gallon.

#2-Replacement filter media like filter floss and activated carbon (if you get a filter) Which is really not necessary.

#3-Multiple Power heads (2 or 3) 10x your water volume for just a Fish Only With Live Rock, and at least 20x your water volume for a Reef Tank. So lets say your going reef, and you have a 100g tank, you would need flow in that tank at minimum of 2000gph, or 2 1000gph power heads.

#4-Protein Skimmer, rated at 2 times your water volume. Unless your tank is under 30g, in which case you can do 10% water changes a week to rid the system of detrius. But, you'll have to watch the water parameters close, if things go haywire, you'll have to do more water changes.

#5-Saltwater Test Kits. Reef Test Kit. Test for Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, PH, Phosphates, Calcium, ALK and Magnesium.

#6-Saltwater fish food. Mysis Shrimp, Squid, Cyclopease, Algae Sheets, Romaine . Flake food is not really a good food to feed your marine fish.

#7-Aquarium vacuum. This one is iffy. Most don't use one, if you have enough flow in the tank you won’t need one

#8-Rubber kitchen gloves

#9-Fish net

#10-Two, clean, never used before, 5-gallon buckets

#11-Aquarium thermometer, digital being the best.

#12-Brush with plastic bristles (old tooth brush) - needed for cleaning the live rock if you don't get Fully Cured Live Rock.

#13-Power Strip, possibly GFCI outlets by the tank.

#14-Optional but definitely recommend getting a Reverse Osmosis or RO/Deionization filter for the make-up water, and a barrel for storing the water.

#15-Possibly a Quarantine Tank for your new fish. They sit in here for a few weeks to kill off parasites and bacteria, to keep it from getting in your main tank

#16-Heater rated for your size tank.

#17-Saltwater Mix. Marine Salt. Instant Ocean is the cheap Salt that beginners and Advanced use alike.

#18-Saltwater Hydrometer or even better a Refractometer, which is more accurate. There is also a Digital Meter that is way advanced if you have the cash.

#19-Aquarium filter (not absolutely necessary if running with adequate amounts of live rock, but nice to have if you need to use a mechanical filter or activated carbon, or GFO and such)

#20-Aquarium substrate such as live sand or crushed coral. Some go bare Bottom, others choose the 2-3" bottom, others, more advanced will try the Deep Sand Bed, which is over 6" deep.

Volusion Demo Store

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle and cycling. Methods for ammonia, nitrite removal.

aquarium heater | eBay

power heads | eBay

NEW 0-10% Salinity Refractometer Salt Water Aquarium | eBay

MarcoRocks Aquarium Products

Bulk Dry Live Rock - Bulk Reef Supply

Live Rock and Live Sand: Live autolinking image Aquarium Rock and Sand

Fish & Aquarium Supplies: Marine Substrates, Sand, Crushed Coral, Live Sand

Aquarium Lighting; Reef, Planted Light Information. PAR, Bulb, Watt, Kelvin, Nanometers, MH, LED.

What Your Coral Needs | Successful Reef Keeping

t-5 lighting | eBay

cree led aquarium | eBay

Aquarium Salt Mix: Salt for Saltwater and autolinking image Fish Aquariums

My 240g Reef Tank Pics
Water Parameter: Alk-8:PH-8.2:Cal420:Phosphate.05:Temp77:Nitrates-20:Mag1250:SG1.025
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Re: new obsession

Very ambitous! Salt or autolinking image a 150 can be a working piece of art. Nav. ,CB ,and Madness have given you great info and ideas.I keep both and really think either can be ; complete "eco system" , challenging , and rewarding .You only get to breed autolinking image with "ease" ; fry and juvenilles are really cool to observe and care for.Good luck!
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Re: new obsession

I'm rethinking the autolinking image route, but still want the size and color. Any thoughts on a planted autolinking image tank with neons?
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Re: new obsession

That's is what's in my 180g(cardinals instead of neons). Along with denison barbs(roseline sharks{very peaceful}).Water quality is foremost with autolinking image .They and live plants make any tank a work of art!Pretty good choice.
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Re: new obsession

Would they be ok without a feeding for 2 day? My tank with tetras, gouramis, and danios is fine on the weekend, but I want to make sure the autolinking image would handle that as well.
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Re: new obsession

Most fish tolerate"holidays" from feeding. I would imagine autolinking image could tolerate it ,if they're eating well to begin with.Feeding appropriately ( some won't eat flakes/or won't survive even if they are eating flakes)is the next concern after water quality.I supplement fozen blood worms and brine 2-3 X a week . If you fed them "well" on Friday and they ate(healthy) than ya they should do well.
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Re: new obsession

Also consider what about summer vacation? are you willing to go in every few days for food/ maintanence? autolinking image need extra attention with water quality. How easy will it be to do water changes? you need to change about 40-45 gallons a week, is there a faucet in the room? I think its a great idea for the school setting but most teachers do smaller tanks that they can move to home for summer. good luck either way.

90 gallon, 1 Iridescent shark, 2 Pleco, 3 Goldfish, 5 Cory cats, 2 Nerite snails
5 gallon hex, Blue Crowntail Betta, 1 nerite snail,

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Re: new obsession

if you decide not to di autolinking image, you could do an african cichlid aquarium. the fish from lake malwai are the most colorful, but any kind of cichlid can be very rewarding to keep. It's awesome that you found such a large aquarium to play around with

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Re: new obsession

Hello and Welcome to the forum.

Help those in our hobby to exceed beyond their expectations.
Logistic Aquatic Engineer
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Re: new obsession

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