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This forum is a friendly place for all the people that are new to the freshwater hobby to post their questions. This section makes it quick and easy to find useful information for beginners and get answers to your questions. Please don't be shy and post a thread with your thoughts. Our friendly community will promptly reply and give you advice, and if you have your setting enabled, you'll get an email when someone responds to your thread. Click the link to get started.
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This is the general freshwater aquarium forum. Also a place for freshwater filtration and freshwater chemistry posts.
06-05-2017 01:41 PM Last Post
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Do you grow freshwater plants in your aquarium? This is the forum for you! Freshwater plant species, freshwater plant lights, freshwater plant water additives, chemistry, and plant nutrition. This forum is also a place to discuss plant-safe fish, CO2 dosing, nutrients, fertilizer, substrates, and other topics of interest to those keeping planted aquariums.
05-16-2017 09:22 AM Last Post
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This is a place to chat about different ailments of freshwater fish, as well as tips on how to control algae, and other topics about keeping your fish tank healthy. If you're having problems keeping your fish healthy, or the fish don't seem to be well, of you have some other type of emergency, this is the discussion board to post in. Our community of members will promptly give you guidance.
06-10-2017 01:19 PM Last Post
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This forum is to learn about breeding freshwater fish, teach others tips on breeding freshwater fish, and for general questions related to fish breeding. Discussions also include topics about breeding freshwater invertebrates.
01-11-2017 10:17 PM Last Post
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All about the different freshwater fish and their specific needs, care, habitat, biotopes, and all other specific topics relating to freshwater fish keeping.
05-23-2017 07:25 PM Last Post
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Discussions about Cichlids from Africa - Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Victoria.
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Discussions about Cichlids from America - North American Cichlids, Central American Cichlids, and South American Cichlids.
04-22-2017 02:12 PM Last Post
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Discus Fish (1 Viewing)
This forum is for discussions of one of the kings of the freshwater realm, the Discus Cichlid.
05-16-2016 12:52 AM Last Post
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Bettas (3 Viewing)
This forum is for all discussions of Betta fish. Let's see some pictures of your beautiful betta. Be sure to tell us your betta's name and talk about it's personality. Our friendly betta keepers are always eager to see new threads about bettas. So don't be shy, start a new thread about your betta, with your betta questions, betta breeding, and other betta stories.
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Livebearers (3 Viewing)
Discuss livebearers such as fancy guppies, mollies, swordtails, mosquito fish, and any other live-bearing tropical fish.
02-24-2017 01:08 AM Last Post
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This forum is to discuss coldwater fish such as the Sunfin/Panfish species, Darters, Gobys, Sculpins, Sturgeons, Bass, Walleye, and Coldwater Catfish, etc.
03-08-2016 08:08 PM Last Post
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Koi and Goldfish (4 Viewing)
This forum is for discussing the different types of koi and goldfish, their care, how to tell males from females, fancy goldfish, orandas, ryukin, comets, etc.
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This forum is to discuss large and aggressive predatory freshwater fish. Some of them are known as monsters and tank busters. Our community loves pictures, so please consider adding pics to your threads.
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This forum is to discuss freshwater catfish. From cory cats all the way up to redtail tank busters. If you have a catfish, have a question about a catfish, want to know about suggestions or compatibility questions, please dont be shy and go ahead and start a new thread so our community can discuss with you.
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This forum is for discussing all the freshwater invertebrates, such as snails, crayfish, freshwater shrimp, blue lobsters, etc.
04-02-2017 09:45 AM Last Post
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This forum is for all discussions about ponds and water gardens. Discuss planning your pond, show off your masterpiece, and everything in between.
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This forum is where you may post pictures and descriptions, as well as progress reports of setting up your new freshwater tank. This includes any type of freshwater system, such as fish only, live plants, freshwater invert tanks, etc.
06-09-2017 06:16 AM Last Post
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This is the photography forum for the FW section. It's a dedicated forum to post pictures of some of the things in our tanks, pics of new additions, as well as for great information exchange, tips, tricks, and overall just discussing cameras and photography techniques of our tanks. Learn all about apertures, f-stops, ISOs, macro, flashes, white balance, and anything and everything else that drives us crazy to get a masterpiece shot. Feel free to show off your tanks in here, and plus its a great way for humble people to nonchalantly have their tanks nominated by the other members for Tank Of The Month. Don't be shy!
04-24-2017 09:33 AM Last Post
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This is where we discuss all freshwater related DIY projects, tips, questions, and ideas. If you are the do-it-yourself master, or you are just getting started, please post a thread and let's discuss some do it yourself projects.
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This forum is for the buying, trading, and selling of freshwater tanks, filters, accessories, and other related fish tank equipment. If you have something for sale or want something, please start a new thread.
02-28-2017 10:27 PM Last Post
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This forum is for buying, trading, and selling of freshwater fish, live plants, and other freshwater inhabitants such as freshwater shrimp and crayfish, etc. If you have something you wish to share with other aquarists or if you are looking for something in particular, please start a new thread.
06-17-2017 02:35 PM Last Post
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